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ACT NOW! There is no better day then today...

TimePosted by The Monkey Mon, January 08, 2018 13:38:33

Ask yourself. What is it that you really want?. Whatever it is that holds you back right this moment, are going to do the same thing tomorrow and the following day to if you don't act now. I am not telling you to quit whatever you are doing, but you owe it to yourself to at least see if that dream of yours can become more then just a dream.

Maybe you love what you do and if so I am more then happy for you, but if you don't and keep doing it because it's all that you know, or you have been there for 20-30 years and just waiting for retirement, then that is you whom I am talking to. Surf around and see, maybe you get that jump start that finally get's you to were you wanna be.


BOSSPosted by The Monkey Sun, January 07, 2018 13:13:32

Should you be the boss, the boss-friend or more of a friend then a boss?

The answer will and should always be: "You should always take the roll of THE BOSS" (if that's who you are) at work.

To avoid conflicts and unnecessary arguments in the future, it's better for you both if you sit down, (no matter if it's a friend or someone you don't know that you are about to hire), and set the ground rules for your soon to be working relationship from the start.

If your employee knows what you expect from them from the beginning then you are less likely to run into problems down the road.

Just remember:
You should keep in mind that you are their boss first and that your friendship from now on will come on second place. Then think twice, is it worth hiring a friend and take the chance of loosing that friendship.

If you choose to go down the friendship path with your workers then you put a lot of pressure on yourself. This friendship will come with a great deal of censorship, everything work related will be of limit.

It can be hard to keep up the appearance of "boss and employee" at work if you have a friendship going on outside work. This could end up being more of an headache then you asked for.
Ask yourself is it worth it.

Don't let other coworkers feel left out. Include everyone at the workplace in this friend circle of yours. To avoid conflicts and jealousy treat everyone the same.

Do not get to personal, no matter what you think being friends make being the boss so mush harder. It's at tip tap toe dance around the do's and don'ts.
Keep your social media accounts to yourself.

I could go on and on about this boss and employee friendship and how to handle it, but to me personally its a big NO NO. They almost never end well and you are the boss for a reason. There is a reason why they say don't mix business with pleasure.


BusinessPosted by MM The Monkey Sat, December 30, 2017 16:14:31

You know, some people are born to be leaders and some are born to be followers (just for the record I don't believe that to be true). Not that being a follower is a bad thing. Most humans remain within their comfort zone their whole life, simply because it's safe.

But there are benefits working for yourself, being the BOSS. Benefits that you should take under consideration. Here are some things to keep in mind and to ask yourself.

1. DREAM. Most businesses spring from dreams that turn in to determination of what one want in life witch becomes the goal. Do you have a dream, is your dream realistic enough to become something more in life for you.

2. EXPLORE. Put it on paper, make it real to yourself. Ask yourself.

A. What do I have to offer

B. Is it something people need or will need in the future

C. What do I need to get started

D. Who do I know

3. TIME. You set the time. But to succeed you have to stick to your own set schedule.

4. BE YOUR OWN BOSS. The decisions are yours to make.

5. GOAL. Be clear of your business goal and set up milestones along the way.

Make shore to reach each one of those as you working towards your main goal. Stay on track.

6. START NETWORKING. You might not think so, but networking is important. There are numerous of networking opportunities out there. Take them. It might feel scary at first but there will be more people like you there hoping to make connections just like you.

7. SUCCEED. Surround yourself with successful people, turn to those that have succeed before you. Find yourself a mentor if you can. They already did the work, watch and learn.

8. TEAMWORK. You get to pick your coworkers and create the work environment. Pick carefully. Hire experts within their field and learn from them while building your company together.

9. YOUR THE EXPERT. You are the expert in your field, but never stop learning. Listen and take under consideration advice given to you from people that had success. Sometimes that can save you time and money.

10. MORE MONEY. Have a plan for when you start making money. Try to save on unnecessary expenses and build up as much capital as u can. This way the financial rot for you business gets secure from the start and you will have less headache down the road.

11. ENJOY WORK. Wake up to something you love doing every morning.

12. GET INVOLVED. Get to know the area around you and the community. Give back whenever you can. Gain trust and support. Word of mouth have always been powerful.

13. KEEP NETWORKING. Seminars and classes will help you grow as a business owner and boss. It will also help you stay motivated and on track.

14. RECOGNITION. Build your name and reputation.

15. INSPIRATION. Inspire others around you to pursue their dreams to. Become a role model.

16. FINANCIAL INDEPENDENCE. Delegate, but never let go. Stay informed about new developments and the business financials within your company. Make shore you understand whats being explained and my advice. Always read before you sign


BOSSPosted by MM The Monkey Sat, December 30, 2017 16:11:56

I might sound easy. Be the BOSS and make everybody do what they are suppose to do. Yeah!, it does sound easy. Only that it's not that simple. Most people don't like their boss. Their might have been a time in life were you didn't like yours and why was that. Leadership, not everybody has that skill.

To be a good boss you need to be a good leader.


We all might think that being a boss and a good leader comes hand in hand.

I am sorry to say that is wrong.

A boss means that your in charge of a company, department, team or organization, where you assign tasks and make the decisions.

A leader has to inspire others to do their best by leading by example. He/She keeps everybody focused, motivated and on the right path working towards the main goal.

If your that person with both abilities or if have you found that person to lead your team. your lucky. Your are on your way to success.


1. TRUTH. Always tell the truth. There have to be trust between the boss and his/her employees. They have to trust that you will have their back while in return you can trust them to do their best.

a. Learn not to judge to fast, sometimes you have to see to the motives behind the action.

b. Gossip don't belong in a workplace. Make that clear from the start, don't talk about someone who's not present. Personal information told to you in confidence should stay confidential.

c. Show that you are a reliable person. Finish your own work on time and don't ask others to do the boring tasks for you.

d. If you know your employee struggle and have a hard time, don't be afraid to offer a helping hand. It will benefit both of you.

2. RECOGNITION. Everybody have the need of feeling appreciated for what they do, and as their boss, one of your responsibilities is to give that recognition. It will create loyalty and satisfaction among your employees, witch will lead to better productivity. Your team will walk that extra mile with and for you when given credit when earned.

3. PREDICTABLE. If you say something, do it. If you set a goal, don't change your mind back and forth. When a change is necessary it should be done openly and within a timely manner. This way you make your team members motivated and secure within the role given.

4. TEAM SPIRIT. The good boss, keeps in mind that the team relay on its unique members. See each member for who he/she is. Communication and and team meetings will keep up the good spirit. Everyone should be heard. Positives and negatives should be discussed, both within the team and with each individual member of it. Invest in each one to get the maximum performance from the whole team.

5. TRANSPARENT. Be you. Some tend to put on a mask and try to show themselves better then they are, This only works for so long. We all have flaws, its the way you chose to handle them that determines how they will look at you. You can like any human make mistakes, just make shore you own up to them. That will make your team stronger and its members more confident in you as their leader.

6. POSITIVE. To achieve you must believe. If you don't think you can, no one else will either. It's your job as a boss and leader to motivate your team and the best way to do that is to stay positive. There is no use to stay hung up on something that went wrong or turned up to be a big disaster. Make shore from day one that if things like this happens, that you should be the first one to know but remember that it should come to all members attention so that a solution for the problem or situation can be worked on. You might not always have the answers, but the person next to you might have the answer to one of them.

7. LEARN. Watch and learn, if not everything, learn a little bit about your team member and what they do. Knowledge is power. This way you can see a mile away when something is about to take a wrong turn or when 100% is not given, find out why and correct it in time. Never stop learning. Keep your team members and your self up to date. Both as individuals and as a team. Courses, seminars and events, keep the opportunity to learn available to the members. Let them know that, even if its not financial possible right now, that you want to know if they find something out there that will enhance their skills. If they grow, you grow.

8. CREDIT. Again. Just because you are the boss does not mean that you should have or take all the credit. If its a team effort, then give it to them. If its a single members effort then acknowledge that. You are the boss and their leader, if they succeed then you have been successful. Sooner or later you will get your own credit for your leadership skills.

9. HIGH HORSE. Never forget who you were and where you came from.

You might be the most important person within the company or on the planet for that matter, but you didn't get there all by yourself. Stay humble.


BOSSPosted by MM The Monkey Sat, December 30, 2017 16:09:10
If you do not get along with your boss, it can seem like your life is a living hell. Even if you and your boss goes separate ways, what happened before that might still hunt you.

To constantly be the target for someones disapproval can make the strongest mind brake. To have someone point out your flaws all the time instead of seeing and appreciating your efforts can have you doubt your own capabilities. If you start doubting, thinking about yourself as "worthless" its time for you to move on.

You were hired for a reason, and that reason was not to be someones punching bag. I want you to know that you are not alone. Sadly its more common than you think. Stress causes illness, if its bad enough sometimes even death by suicide. Horrible but never the less a reality.

People can only hurt you if you let them. Why should anyone be allowed to hurt you, most of the time its not even about you.

If you feel that your job drain you and your staying simply because your afraid of what will happen once you walk out that door, then think twice. There are options and solutions to almost everything. If you have read this far, then you are looking for one right now.

Take a step back and look at your life. Is this what you want, or do you want something else. I guess you like me, want to wake up in the morning with a smile on your face, feeling that what you do means something.

Things happens for a reason.

Some people I meet says its to late for them, they are to old, or soon to be retired and don't want the fuss that comes with learning a new skill or to start their own business. In their head life is more or less over and the lot they were given is all there is. Financial responsibilities can also scare one from taking the step out of a bad and stressful situation.

A lot of people have skills and experiences that others would pay them to to teach.

Answer those questions:

1. If you could do whatever you wanted right this moment, what would you do?

2. Are you living your dream?

4. Where do you see yourself 3 years from now?

5. What if today was the last day of your life, how would you spend it?

Five questions witch answers I hope will lead to a better, brighter and happier future for you.

To start living your life without your ex-boss.

Even if its not easy you should forgive and forget. Why?, your not really living when you hold a grudge. The sooner you can let go of your negative feelings associated with your ex-boss the better things in life will go for you.

Defeat your enemy with kindness.

The world is only so big, so the chance of you running in to your former boss do exist. Make sure you and your ex-(pain in the ...)boss end things in friendship. Send a mail with a thank you for the experience of having the chance to work for him/her. (If nothing else it thought you what you don't want for yourself in life). Send with it your contact information, even if you never get a response you raised above the treatment you got. Consider yourself the winner.

One more thing. Nothing good will ever spring from you talking bad about your ex-boss. Your finally out of there. Its all about you from now on. If your not your own boss next, communicate with the new one to build a good relationship from the start. Things can only get better from here.

Good Luck

Mini-Budget Marketing

MarketingPosted by MM The Monkey Sat, December 30, 2017 16:01:58

Sometimes it's hard to know HOW to advertise. Your going to get a million phone calls, all offering a chance of a lifetime, just for you kind of deal. TAKE IT!

Or better yet, DON'T.

You are not missing out. It all depends on what kind of business you have. No matter if your big or small it's mostly going to come down to "word of mouth". Still the most effective marketing tool there is. In today's world with all the social media options we have, along with the review sites online. Give exceptional service and ask your satisfied customers if they can help you and your business by giving a review online. Most consumers today uses the search engines before they purchase any services.

This article is mostly written for small business owners on a mini-budget. You have come a long way though. You found your way here and sense you found your way here, that means you are willing to do the work and start the journey towards being a successful business owner.

"If no one can see you, you don't exist" So many small businesses fail because of the lack of not knowing the power of marketing. "But I have given out hundreds of business cards and I am advertising in the paper". You might say. If your on a mini-budget I bet your ad is not on the front page and that business card of yours, if it was just handed without the catching pitch, you will most likely be forgotten.

So here is what you can do:

- Network Marketing

Find other businesses owners to work with. Joint marketing, referrals, kickbacks for those who recommends your product or service.

-Social Media

Become a fan and present your business to the other fans.

Create, post and update regularly on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

Keep your customers interested in you and what you have to offer.

-Contests / Events

Find other business to sponsor your prices. In return you will promote and hand out information about their company.

- Flyers

Talk to other business owners and offer to put together a flyer to promote all the businesses for a small cost, this will most likely cover your share sense you are the one putting it together.


There are many web hotels out there that offers domain and easy to build tools to create your website. Keep your website user friendly so that your customers can navigate with ease and find what they are looking for. It can still look professional without unnecessary clutter.

- Network meeting

Almost every field have network meetings. Join and build your business relationships. Don't be afraid you are all there for the same reason, to build your businesses. Prepare with business cards and the pitch of your lifetime about your product or service. Make shore it's elevator short and catchy.

- Yourself

You are your biggest promoter. If possible, keep your logo on you and on your vehicle. Remember: If no one can see you, you don't exist.

Business cards are great, if you made a first long lasting impression before you handed out your card. YOU are the soul of your business. In order for regular people to turn into forever lasting customers, they need to feel connected to you.

Good Luck


BusinessPosted by MM The Monkey Sat, December 30, 2017 15:57:52


What you have might be a great business idea, but it can also be the end of an era for you and whoever you start it with.

No matter if it's someone that you have known for five minutes or 20 years, when it comes to doing business together there are few things to consider.

You might start of as the best of friends / business partners, but most businesses don't last more than 5-6 years. Why?, because of disagreements. Don't forget that sharing is caring, but PUT IT IN WRITING, Yes it's necessary!

Why argue about it, it's the best thing to do for all parties involved. This way there will be no arguments in the future if the structure and rules of the company is set from the beginning. If you can't agree on this then this partnership thing is not for you.

How your company can still be here 10 years from now.


As mentioned above, A MUST HAVE. Do not start a company together without one. What if one of you decides to move on, what happens then with that share of the company?. There are so many things that needs to be put down on paper, because we all know that life sometimes don't happen the way we want.


With the ability to communicate a lot of things can be solved before they become big issues. Saving you and your partner(s) a major headache. Express your selves but be open to other solutions than just the one you have in mind. Second opinions can sometimes be of help to make sure you don't overlook something, that might have a huge impact of the end results further down the road. Face to face meetings at least twice a month (video conference included) Face expressions says more then a thousand words, and a lot of mistakes can be avoided this way.


You are all in this together, you all have something to bring to the table. Stay thinking like this and there will be success.


Let's be frank, you are all in it for the money, Most companies don't make money from the start. Some companies take as long as 3 years before they see a profit they can depend on. What I am saying is. The company have to have money to pay it's bills before you take your cut. If possible save as much as you can from the money you make. Pay of any loan you might have as fast as you can and make sure to put money aside for future projects. That way you don't have to depend on financial institutions when it's time to take your company to the next level.


Business is business and family is family. Keep this in mind, the same thing goes for friends. Friends and family don't pay your bills. A partnership is as much a commitment as a marriage. It's going to be long hours and hard work before you can sit back and see your machinery work on it's own.


Focus on your vision, but not to much. Planning is good but not if it's coming in the way of actually moving forward. Whatever it is that you do or offer, make your sales. No sales = no progress.


You will make no big money within your comfort zone. Make that call or go see that potential client of yours. They might not know it yet but you are their new supplier of what ever product/service your offer. To become their number one choice. Find out all there is to know about your competition within that field, why that company is the supplier in the first place and have there been any complaints that can work in your favor. Even if your offer might end up being the most expensive option, your product and exceptional customer service will land you their business.


Keep in mind.

- Owning a company comes with a huge responsibility.

- Even the most boring tasks has to be done. (Don't delegate or skip tasks that are not fun, knowing the business inside and out will always benefit you)

- Patience is a virtue. (Things don't happens over night)

- Bad ideas (A bad idea is a bad idea no matter how you look at it, when something doesn't work. DROP IT, even if it in the end means the whole company)

- Believe in yourself. (If you don't, who will?)

- Not everybody is going to like you, your product or service, that's okay. there are a lot of people who will.


TimePosted by MM The Monkey Sat, December 30, 2017 15:55:16
Maybe you do, but most likely you don't. What you need is to be more organized. Set up your day by starting of with the most important things. And NO, it is not going to be going through the mail or returning phone calls.

Most of us are at our best in the beginning of the day, so take on all the MUST-DOS when your in your at-best-mode. We all tend to slow down and look at the clock counting the minutes to lunchtime, don't push important tasks until after lunch when you are most likely in a "food coma" kind of state.

If you can dedicate yourself and stick to your own set schedule then you are more likely to succeed. Have someone taking your calls and sorting through your mail, this way you can focus on whats important. Big or small clients won't mind waiting for that return call as long as you make sure to make it. If they can trust that you will call them back within a timely matter then you don't have to worry about losing their business.

So my recommendation would be:

- Use the first hours of your day for your most important tasks and finish them in order. (don't jump between projects, that will only slow you down) Meetings should also be done during those morning hours. Keep the meetings short.

- Have someone answering the phone and go through your mail. (you stay more effective this way and have a better chance of succeeding)

- Use your immediate hours after lunch to call back who ever needs to be called back. Try to keep the conversations short, your call back list might be long and all those calls must be returned.

- The rest of the day should be spent reviewing and planning for tomorrow. also use those hours left of the day, to follow up with your partners and co-workers. The more you know about whats going on the better it is for you and to show your face around the office shows that you work just as hard as everybody else.

Have a nice day at work