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ACT NOW! There is no better day then today...

TimePosted by The Monkey Mon, January 08, 2018 13:38:33

Ask yourself. What is it that you really want?. Whatever it is that holds you back right this moment, are going to do the same thing tomorrow and the following day to if you don't act now. I am not telling you to quit whatever you are doing, but you owe it to yourself to at least see if that dream of yours can become more then just a dream.

Maybe you love what you do and if so I am more then happy for you, but if you don't and keep doing it because it's all that you know, or you have been there for 20-30 years and just waiting for retirement, then that is you whom I am talking to. Surf around and see, maybe you get that jump start that finally get's you to were you wanna be.


TimePosted by MM The Monkey Sat, December 30, 2017 15:55:16
Maybe you do, but most likely you don't. What you need is to be more organized. Set up your day by starting of with the most important things. And NO, it is not going to be going through the mail or returning phone calls.

Most of us are at our best in the beginning of the day, so take on all the MUST-DOS when your in your at-best-mode. We all tend to slow down and look at the clock counting the minutes to lunchtime, don't push important tasks until after lunch when you are most likely in a "food coma" kind of state.

If you can dedicate yourself and stick to your own set schedule then you are more likely to succeed. Have someone taking your calls and sorting through your mail, this way you can focus on whats important. Big or small clients won't mind waiting for that return call as long as you make sure to make it. If they can trust that you will call them back within a timely matter then you don't have to worry about losing their business.

So my recommendation would be:

- Use the first hours of your day for your most important tasks and finish them in order. (don't jump between projects, that will only slow you down) Meetings should also be done during those morning hours. Keep the meetings short.

- Have someone answering the phone and go through your mail. (you stay more effective this way and have a better chance of succeeding)

- Use your immediate hours after lunch to call back who ever needs to be called back. Try to keep the conversations short, your call back list might be long and all those calls must be returned.

- The rest of the day should be spent reviewing and planning for tomorrow. also use those hours left of the day, to follow up with your partners and co-workers. The more you know about whats going on the better it is for you and to show your face around the office shows that you work just as hard as everybody else.

Have a nice day at work