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Mini-Budget Marketing

MarketingPosted by MM The Monkey Sat, December 30, 2017 16:01:58

Sometimes it's hard to know HOW to advertise. Your going to get a million phone calls, all offering a chance of a lifetime, just for you kind of deal. TAKE IT!

Or better yet, DON'T.

You are not missing out. It all depends on what kind of business you have. No matter if your big or small it's mostly going to come down to "word of mouth". Still the most effective marketing tool there is. In today's world with all the social media options we have, along with the review sites online. Give exceptional service and ask your satisfied customers if they can help you and your business by giving a review online. Most consumers today uses the search engines before they purchase any services.

This article is mostly written for small business owners on a mini-budget. You have come a long way though. You found your way here and sense you found your way here, that means you are willing to do the work and start the journey towards being a successful business owner.

"If no one can see you, you don't exist" So many small businesses fail because of the lack of not knowing the power of marketing. "But I have given out hundreds of business cards and I am advertising in the paper". You might say. If your on a mini-budget I bet your ad is not on the front page and that business card of yours, if it was just handed without the catching pitch, you will most likely be forgotten.

So here is what you can do:

- Network Marketing

Find other businesses owners to work with. Joint marketing, referrals, kickbacks for those who recommends your product or service.

-Social Media

Become a fan and present your business to the other fans.

Create, post and update regularly on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

Keep your customers interested in you and what you have to offer.

-Contests / Events

Find other business to sponsor your prices. In return you will promote and hand out information about their company.

- Flyers

Talk to other business owners and offer to put together a flyer to promote all the businesses for a small cost, this will most likely cover your share sense you are the one putting it together.


There are many web hotels out there that offers domain and easy to build tools to create your website. Keep your website user friendly so that your customers can navigate with ease and find what they are looking for. It can still look professional without unnecessary clutter.

- Network meeting

Almost every field have network meetings. Join and build your business relationships. Don't be afraid you are all there for the same reason, to build your businesses. Prepare with business cards and the pitch of your lifetime about your product or service. Make shore it's elevator short and catchy.

- Yourself

You are your biggest promoter. If possible, keep your logo on you and on your vehicle. Remember: If no one can see you, you don't exist.

Business cards are great, if you made a first long lasting impression before you handed out your card. YOU are the soul of your business. In order for regular people to turn into forever lasting customers, they need to feel connected to you.

Good Luck