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BOSSPosted by MM The Monkey Sat, December 30, 2017 16:11:56

I might sound easy. Be the BOSS and make everybody do what they are suppose to do. Yeah!, it does sound easy. Only that it's not that simple. Most people don't like their boss. Their might have been a time in life were you didn't like yours and why was that. Leadership, not everybody has that skill.

To be a good boss you need to be a good leader.


We all might think that being a boss and a good leader comes hand in hand.

I am sorry to say that is wrong.

A boss means that your in charge of a company, department, team or organization, where you assign tasks and make the decisions.

A leader has to inspire others to do their best by leading by example. He/She keeps everybody focused, motivated and on the right path working towards the main goal.

If your that person with both abilities or if have you found that person to lead your team. your lucky. Your are on your way to success.


1. TRUTH. Always tell the truth. There have to be trust between the boss and his/her employees. They have to trust that you will have their back while in return you can trust them to do their best.

a. Learn not to judge to fast, sometimes you have to see to the motives behind the action.

b. Gossip don't belong in a workplace. Make that clear from the start, don't talk about someone who's not present. Personal information told to you in confidence should stay confidential.

c. Show that you are a reliable person. Finish your own work on time and don't ask others to do the boring tasks for you.

d. If you know your employee struggle and have a hard time, don't be afraid to offer a helping hand. It will benefit both of you.

2. RECOGNITION. Everybody have the need of feeling appreciated for what they do, and as their boss, one of your responsibilities is to give that recognition. It will create loyalty and satisfaction among your employees, witch will lead to better productivity. Your team will walk that extra mile with and for you when given credit when earned.

3. PREDICTABLE. If you say something, do it. If you set a goal, don't change your mind back and forth. When a change is necessary it should be done openly and within a timely manner. This way you make your team members motivated and secure within the role given.

4. TEAM SPIRIT. The good boss, keeps in mind that the team relay on its unique members. See each member for who he/she is. Communication and and team meetings will keep up the good spirit. Everyone should be heard. Positives and negatives should be discussed, both within the team and with each individual member of it. Invest in each one to get the maximum performance from the whole team.

5. TRANSPARENT. Be you. Some tend to put on a mask and try to show themselves better then they are, This only works for so long. We all have flaws, its the way you chose to handle them that determines how they will look at you. You can like any human make mistakes, just make shore you own up to them. That will make your team stronger and its members more confident in you as their leader.

6. POSITIVE. To achieve you must believe. If you don't think you can, no one else will either. It's your job as a boss and leader to motivate your team and the best way to do that is to stay positive. There is no use to stay hung up on something that went wrong or turned up to be a big disaster. Make shore from day one that if things like this happens, that you should be the first one to know but remember that it should come to all members attention so that a solution for the problem or situation can be worked on. You might not always have the answers, but the person next to you might have the answer to one of them.

7. LEARN. Watch and learn, if not everything, learn a little bit about your team member and what they do. Knowledge is power. This way you can see a mile away when something is about to take a wrong turn or when 100% is not given, find out why and correct it in time. Never stop learning. Keep your team members and your self up to date. Both as individuals and as a team. Courses, seminars and events, keep the opportunity to learn available to the members. Let them know that, even if its not financial possible right now, that you want to know if they find something out there that will enhance their skills. If they grow, you grow.

8. CREDIT. Again. Just because you are the boss does not mean that you should have or take all the credit. If its a team effort, then give it to them. If its a single members effort then acknowledge that. You are the boss and their leader, if they succeed then you have been successful. Sooner or later you will get your own credit for your leadership skills.

9. HIGH HORSE. Never forget who you were and where you came from.

You might be the most important person within the company or on the planet for that matter, but you didn't get there all by yourself. Stay humble.